Andrew J. Farkas

Also known as HactarCE (he/they)


I write high-quality applications in Rust, and other things on occasion. See my GitHub.

Currently studying computer science, mathematics, and linguistics at NC State University while working at Quadratic, the Data Science Spreadsheet.

Hyperspeedcube logo


Hyperspeedcube is a modern, beginner-friendly 3D and 4D Rubik’s cube simulator with customizable mouse and keyboard controls and advanced features for speedsolving. It’s been used to break numerous speedsolving records.


NDCell is a work-in-progress 2D and 3D cellular automaton simulator that I will hopefully return to someday. It currently has rendering, editing, and basic simulation working, but in the future it will hopefully have its own domain-specific programming language too.

Smaller projects



Esoteric programming

Cellular automata

Other things I do